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*SILVER Promax Europe®, On-Air Ident Campaign 2022

*SILVER Promax Europe®, Best Programme Specific Logo 2022

*GOLD Promax Global®, Best Social Cause Promo Campaign 2021

*GOLD Promax Africa®, Best Ident Design 2021

*GOLD Promax Africa®, Best Promo only using Programme footage 2021

*BRONZE Promax UK®, Best UK production for non-UK broadcast 2021

*BRONZE New York Festivals®, Best Green Promotion 2021


How do you show the impact small everyday actions can have on our planet?

We chose to use relatable images and have as little graphics as possible, keeping it authentic.

We created a collage of idents, bumpers and trailers using photos and videos from various sources and in different styles to reflect the breadth of our audience. The message: small things make a huge difference.​



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Art Direction Carlos Galvez

Designer Esther Wallace

Junior Designer Angela Alvarez

Lead Creative Johanna Ridsdale

Production Manager Michaella Keefe

Creative Michelle Grayburn


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