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*Winner Silver Promax WORLD, Best Animation 2018
*Winner Silver Promax Europe, Best Animation Design 2018
*Bronze, Best Animation: Promotion/Open & IDs, New York Festival 2018
*Silver, Best Documentary/Information Program Promotion, New York Festival 2018
*Finalist Promax Europe, Best Programme Spot Not Using Programme Footage 2018

What happened before the Big Bang? A series of BBC documentaries explore possible answers to this question. We decided to animate a playful trailer exploring the different theories without using any footage from the shows. The goal? Make one of the most profound questions of all stimulating and welcoming for all audiences.

Created in two weeks using Cinema 4D, Realflow and rendered with Arnold, Vray and a lot of love. 

About: Bio

Senior Designer Carlos Galvez

Creative Sarah Johnson

Production Manager Michaella Keefe


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